WebParser Testimonials

knaipa | 30.9.2011, 21:59

I bought WebParser during the initial days of its launch. Then, paid licenses did not include any updates. However, the company was sensitive enough to understand my concern and reverted positively. They are on the constant path of advancement and I wish all the very best to CyberMake and its WebParser.

KRINN | 05.10.2011 14:22

I bought WebParser some time back and I am amazed with its speed of operations. It retrieves links of databases more quickly than I can comprehend. And I also obtain frequent updates that make my tasks easier.

staurus. Super Moderator webmasters.ru

From the day I bought WebParser and till date, I have never regretted its purchase. The proof lies in the pudding and I have received a great taste of the software. It takes just a little over half hour to retrieve database of five thousand websites.

Zloi | 05.10.2011 21:38

I did my fair bit of research on web parsers available in the market and ended up buying WebParser. I am totally happy with the product and find the analyzer extremely flexible and advantageous. The feature can be adjusted to all of my needs and I am bowled over with its flexibility. I don’t even need updates when I figure out how to export websites with HTTP

Komrad | 20.04.2012 18:58

I recently bought the PRO version with a good discount of 30%. I tested it the first time and can observe a remarkable difference. The analyzer is simply wonderful and I only regret of not having bought the product earlier. I might have been saved of all that headache and extra work.

lex[o]ne | 28.04.2012 23:00

I bought WebParser and am extremely delighted with its functionalities and performance. I strongly feel that this is the best parser available in the market. Besides the conventional and contemporary features, the product doesn’t need a proxy and can parse freely even without captcha. I am happy to see that the tool can parse over 100 links per search engine. And finally, the analyzer furthers the list of advantages offered by WebParser. I strongly recommend the purchase of CyberMake’s wonder product.

evol22 | 15.10.2011, 00:03

I have been using this tool for a long time now and have absolutely no complaints on its performance. It does what I want it to do as efficiently as possible. The support I receive from its developers is excellent. They listened to my suggestions and incorporated them into the subsequent versions. Now, that is what I call service. Although, they have beaten their competitors substantially, they are continuously on the path of improvement and these can be noticed in their new versions. The software is priced right and is a great aid for all your technology needs.

Sam2112 | 20.10.2011, 09:03

I bought WebParser yesterday. The one that includes SEO. I am happy with the speed and its ability to analyze. The greatest advantage is that the parser is different for each search engine cookies as against Hrefer where cookies are shared. After comparison with other parsers, I personally like two things in WebParser. There is a generator of search phrases which is a very good feature since it pulls out all possible issuance upon request. Secondly, I can add search engines and CMS. The software is easy to use and very well described for every user. It is soon -going to be a revolutionary product.

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