I am not able to open WebParser. It throws open a midas.dll error. What do I do?

When you come across the error of midas.dll during launch of WebParser versions DB-0.9.7 Build 1 and above, your system may be running on an old Windows version such as XP or much older service pack. In order to fix a problem, simply copy midas.dll in a folder within window\system 32 and register midas.dll in regsvr32. Alternatively, you can download from this link. Unzip the file and copy the DLL file within the program.

Where the above solutions do not work, it signifies that it is not possible for your computer to launch FireBird Embedded. In such cases, it becomes necessary to install Server FB v 2.1.win32 and subsequently copy the file fbclient.dll mandatorily in a folder within the program. This replaces the existing file. To help you set FireBird, follow this link Download FireBird Server v 2.1.3 win32.

Important!!! Where Data Execution Prevention(DEP) is turned on for all programs, you need to append the program WebParser.exe in exceptions.

Follow to My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Performance -> Settings -> Data Execution Prevention (look up search engines on how to find DEP in your Windows version) -> Add.

When running WebParser on a server, you must install FireBird server!

It says that my license is locked. What do I do?

One license is valid only for one use. If you have tried to make use of the same license on a different computer, it will most certainly get locked. If you face such a problem, contact our professionals at CyberMake Support. We will help you unlock it.

I have recently bought a license. How long does it usually take to process my order?

Our turnaround time in processing orders is extremely quick. You will receive an email with the license key within a period of 24 hours. However, in case of time zone differences or technical glitches, you should hear from us within a maximum time of 48 hours to have your order processed.

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